4 Tips to Acquire Backlinks for SEO

Backlinks are one of the most critical SEO metrics that will boost your posts to rank on Google. A backlink is a link from an external site to your website. When Google crawls pages and realizes that many are sourcing information from your website, then it’ll automatically rank your posts as a must-read content.

However, if these sites linking to you contain poor content, then Google won’t trust your content either. This is why you need to ensure that most of your backlinks originate from authority websites.

Here are four simple tips to getting quality backlinks.

1.Optimize your Posts and Pages

This is the ultimate method. Think of it this way; would other people link to you if your website has poor content? No. So before you even start looking for backlinks, build your website to perfection.

Make sure you give other websites a reason to link to you. Write quality and favorably lengthy posts that have detailed up-to-date information, have good visual content, great use of keywords and attractive headlines.

This will help you rank on your own as well and as people research content for their website and see your content on the first page, they will comfortably link to you.

2. Do Some Guest Posting

As the name suggests, guest posting is writing a post for an external site. If you’re lucky, you can get paid for guest posts. But first, approach a few good websites in your industry and request to publish a post on their site for free.

Guest posts are good because they are accompanied by a short author bio. In this bio, you can give out your site name and even link to it. Also in this guest post, you can take the chance to throw in a link back to your site. Find more online information at the Toronto SEO Agency website.

3. Link to Sites and Let them Know

In business, you can’t afford to be shy about approaching others in your industry. When you link to a website in your posts or quote an author from an external site, it’d be good to reach out and tell them about it.

Tell them how you liked their post so much and even quoted them in yours. Then smoothly let them know that you have really good posts for them to link to. Don’t forget to leave them a link to the post where you quoted them for them to see. Chances are that they will like your post and start checking out other posts on your site. This is why having good content is a major plus.

4. Get into the Influencer World

Features are the best ways to acquire organic traffic and get backlinks to your pages. Approach an influencer in your industry and run a project with them. An SEO agency can help narrow down the best influencers to work with.

Make sure the influencers have a good reputation and high traction. Featuring an influencer means that they will also mention your post on their site. You can come up with a mini series of posts where one post is published on your site and the second post on theirs. This works the same with brand collaborations.

Backlinks improve your sites SEO pretty fast. They are also cheap to attain and easy to work on. If you’re not sure how to approach different industry personalities, have an SEO agency do it for you.