Tips on How to Save on Funeral Costs

September 30, 2017

Most people do not think about their funeral. What they don’t know is that planning for a funeral can protect the family members from awkward situations as they grieve. The cost of a funeral varies with the company you choose to run it. Some funeral homes take advantage of people who don’t know much about organizing funerals. Here are tips that will help you know your rights and avoid funeral directors who overcharge their services.

Shop around

Do not go to the closest funeral home in your neighborhood. You have to walk around and get quotes from several homes. Get at least three funeral homes and compare their prices. Do not be tempted to call the first company you see on the list, especially if you don’t know their price yet. You can compare costs such as transport, obituaries, cremation, casket and care.

Demand to know the prices up front

The funeral service company must give you a price list of the products they have on offer. The price list must include the basic fee for each service and item. The total price must also cover all the professional services, including permits, death certificates, body storage and planning.If you have doubts about the price of any item on the list, you have the right to question it and seek clarification.

Ignore some services on the quote

Not all funeral services on the company’s list are necessary. There are some you can do without because they don’t have any legal or personal significance. Be wary of companies that force you to buy services that are not mandatory in the state you live in. For instance, some places do not require the embalming unless the body is cremated within a given timeline.

Cremation is cheaper

Cremating the body offers a way to save up to half the cost you incur when you bury it. According to the Cremation Association of North America, the urn plus other items can cost $2,000, which is twice cheaper than burying. You can buy them at local stores or online. Cremation is also cheap because you don’t have to buy a casket. You can go for simpler choices such as a cardboard box. Nearly 41 percent of funerals in Canada use cremation. This is expected to increase to 56 percent by the year 2025.

A cheap casket is still okay

Caskets are often costly and can make the funeral expenses go through the roof. A mahogany casket costs up to $10,000. You do not have to spend this money if you can go online and get a good casket for as little as $500. Do not be carried away with the sales pitches associated with sealed caskets. Take a breath, sit down and rethink whether it makes sense protecting a body deep in the ground. Learn more information at the Aftercare Cremation & Burial Service website.