It Is Important To Hire an Expert DUI Lawyer

here you are, you and your wife just finished a nice dinner, and you have an extra glass of wine for the road. However, that soon promises to have been a mistake, as the police officer pulls you over just as you round the turn on to the highway from the restaurant.

The officer asks you if you had been drinking, and you say yes, you had a couple of glasses of wine, that’s all. So he gives your a breathalyzer test and he says that you flunked it, so he is going to have to arrest you, and take you to jail.

You are horrified and ask him about getting your wife home, but she says she is going down to the police station with you to make a couple of phone calls.

In a situation like this, most people are literally defenseless, as they are really not sure what to do. Here is a police officer, doing his job, but in this case, the man probably did more than he had to do, and had his lawyer been present, he probably would not be going to jail.

An expert DUI lawyer is an attorney who deals mostly with criminal defense and he will know this part of the law backwards and forwards. If you put a lawyer like that on retainer, he would have been able to receive a phone call from you at the scene, and you would have been advised not to say anything to the officer, or do anything without the advice of the lawyer.

While it is true that drunk driving is a real menace and it should definitely be curtailed, the arrest of a businessman on his way home from dinner with his wife, in most cases, does not elevate itself to the level of seriously endangering anyone.

In this case, the man could call his lawyer from the police station, and the lawyer could make bail and the man would be able to go home, go back to work, and appear at a trial that would be set for a later date.

There are many technicalities that a good lawyer can point out at the scent and in a hearing, or in court, to protect the rights of people who have no clue of what to do in a situation like that. So having a good lawyer on hand is not a bad strategy, just in case you are in a similar situation.